How to Remove a Background in Photoshop. (GIF TUTORIAL)

Removing backgrounds in photoshop can be either the hardest or the easiest thing to do. There are various ways you can remove a background from a photo. It's a tricky task especially if the photo you're trying to edit has lots of hair or even if the background has various of colors.

1. Opening the Image.

As easy as it sounds, some people may not know how to open a file in photoshop. If you're one of those people don't worry, I was you at one point. File > Open > Select the image > Open.  and yes of course I am using a picture of my self.

2. Select the Quick Selection tool.

"Why not the Magic Wand ?the Quick Selection Tool is somewhat similar to the Magic Wand in that it also selects pixels based on tone and color. But the Quick Selection Tool goes far beyond the Magic Wand's limited abilities by also looking for similar textures in the image, which makes it great at detecting the edges of objects. And unlike the Magic Wand where we click on an area and hope for the best, the Quick Selection Tool works more like a brush, allowing us to select areas simply by "painting" over them!

3. "Paint" your background.

Using the Quick Selection Tool click, hold, and drag to select the background. Tip: to make your brush size smaller or bigger hold CONTROL + OPTION (Windows: CONTROL + ALT).

4. Inverse and Remove

Once you're done selecting your background go to Select > Inverse. That will now select your subject. Now to completely remove your background create a vector mask by clicking the Vector Mask button OR you can click on Layer > Layer Mask > Reveal Selection. This will completely remove the background. 

5. FIN !

You're good to go ! Now you can either create a new layer UNDER your subject layer and fill it in with a solid color or gradient OR you can insert a image and put it UNDER your subject layer. I decided to add a solid dark red color.